We Think Business

Our service is propelled by the way we think business and the efficient manner we provide advice tailored to our clients' success. We consider ourselves to be business advisers with the necessary understanding of the essential economic parameters. We identify with entrepreneurial spirit and this was at the same time the underlying motivation for the founding of our firm. We focus on relationship building in order to establish lasting rapport and mutually benefiting success.

Long-term and Personal Advice

Gütt Olk Feldhaus strives to build client-partnership through the consistent delivery of quality, value, and personal advice for the long-term. We attach particular importance to counselling on all aspects of business operations through consistent points of contact. We thereby provide services of the highest calibre on, or ahead of schedule to earn complete client satisfaction. Our approach is well recognized particularly by corporations which lack or have minimal legal resources.

We Are Efficient and Cost Conscious

With its lean structure and its efficient method of working, Gütt Olk Feldhaus provides cost conscious advice without our clients having to forgo the quality of advice they are accustomed to receiving from the leading large law firms. Our compensation models reflect our clients' need for cost transparency and budgeting. Leading industrial corporations, who particularly wish to award mandates in connection with small to mid cap transactions in a more cost conscious manner, also appreciate this.

We Are Quick to Respond

Gütt Olk Feldhaus responds quickly to clients' needs while maintaining high standards of quality even at short notice. With the longstanding collaboration between the partners of Gütt Olk Feldhaus, communication, teamwork and corroboration have set a solid foundation for which to build upon. Clients can look forward to efficient provision of legal services all from a single source.